North Shore Vocal Studio offers individual instruction at half-hour and hour increments. We will give you tools to help you sing in any situation and style—musical theatre to jazz to pop to opera—and show you the proper maintenance for your voice.

Our studio is located in Evanston, IL, between the Dempster el stop and the Davis Metra stop.  There is ample street parking available. 

We also offer voice classes to our students for further experience performing and listening—a valuable tool in learning technique.

Please contact us at for more information.

What is a voice lesson?

We offer lessons in lengths of half-hour, forty-five minutes, and one hour.  During that time we will warm up your voice, work on singing and breathing fundamentals, and work on specific pieces of music.  This is all done in an environment where you will be encouraged to find your own unique voice.

What ages do you teach?

We have a wide range of students in our studio, that range from the very young to seniors looking to improve their voice.  Children from 8 to about 13 should have a limited number of lessons, and we usually encourage those students to have half-hour or forty-five minute lessons.  It is important that children not overuse their singing voice.

What should I prepare before my lesson?

Your first lesson is often about getting to know your teacher, and your teacher getting to know your voice. For this lesson you should probably bring something that you enjoy singing, no matter what the style.  After your first lesson, your teacher will most likely assign songs for you to prepare for the next lesson.


While we can play along with your lessons, progress is much easier to achieve when the teacher can completely focus on your singing.  Please contact us about additional rates for having an accompanist sit in on a lesson.

Skype Lessons

We do provide lessons over Skype and Facetime.  While it is much more difficult to assess student progress during an online lesson, it can still be quite helpful.  Please contact us for further information.