Added to my training! / by Alicia Berneche

Hi, All! 

Participated in a workshop on tools for speaking and reading more fluently. It is so interesting how little things can prevent someone who reads well to themselves from translating that into effective public delivery. Our brains sometimes are so much faster than our mouths so much of the time. I was working with a student yesterday who is an excellent reader, but who absolutely cannot translate that into reading out loud. We had to do so many breaths and pauses just to give her mouth time to catch up with her brain. For her, she felt like she was reciting "in slow motion" because her brain was going so much faster. For the first time, though, she was able to read out loud without stumbling over every other word.

I think that is why I love teaching. It is an endless puzzle, but the reward at the end is the joy of my students when they tackle a problem.   --  Alicia